Cockroaches aren’t usually the best communicators, but when the proprietress of the Gardens of Gäap and Gomory is strip-searched, thrown in a dungeon, and starved during a routine business trip, she learns from the fat-bodied insect that her former associates consider her a traitor and will likely execute her in the morning.

But our heroine’s troubles don’t end there. In Gomory’s absence, well-meaning employees accidently destroy her office and records, manage to lose medallions, created by Merlin, which allow them to access the portals between the Seven Realms, and release an entity from a mysterious greenhouse at the back of the Garden complex. Good thing Merlin drops into her cell to help out...or is it?

Welcome to my realm...


Modern-day New York is the backdrop for superhuman Guardians set upon by a demon Queen intent on wielding the power of magical, sacred relics. Among our heroes is a former general of the Roman Empire, a fourteenth-century French art-thief, a retired KGB agent, a half-demon lawyer from California, and a librarian. Demons and angels join a mix of adventures fought and fraught with wit and swords, not to mention some stellar state-of-the-art technologies!

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