If the smoking hot demon who brought down the Shang Dynasty in 1046 BC were running around New York trying to steal the five most powerful books ever created, who would be there to stop her? A librarian, of course. When one of the great books is stolen, and a Guardian is beaten and left for dead, Kira Davidson will lead the other Guardians in a campaign against this ancient evil. At her side is Flavius Arbogast, a former general for the Roman Empire. Arby has been a Guardian since his father’s death, in 385 BC. They enlist the help of a former KGB agent, a French art thief, and Arby’s wise-cracking, aid-de-camp, Max. Together, these Guardians must find a way to prevent the demon from collecting all five books, and unleashing a devastating power on the people of New York.

Welcome to my realm...


Modern-day New York is the backdrop for superhuman Guardians set upon by a demon Queen intent on wielding the power of magical, sacred relics. Among our heroes is a former general of the Roman Empire, a fourteenth-century French art-thief, a retired KGB agent, a half-demon lawyer from California, and a librarian. Demons and angels join a mix of adventures fought and fraught with wit and swords, not to mention some stellar state-of-the-art technologies!

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