For thousands of years the existence of seven magical portals was kept secret from both the citizens of Hell and mankind. Rayna, a beautiful soul-eater demon and property manager of Atercloch Castle, discovers a portal in the moat on her estate. To prevent eviction by the Queen of Hell, who desires to control the portal, Rayna turns to the Roman God, Neptune. Centuries earlier, when the ancient gods abandoned the Mortal Realm, Neptune had simply walked through one of the portals and opened a bar. His preferred mode of dress is disco era gigolo, and he splits his time between mixing cocktails and magical potions. In exchange for one of his potions, Rayna and her two best friends agree to collect the necessary ingredients. Aidya journeys to a derelict garden, deep within their own realm, while Di must visit a nature preserve in the Mortal Realm. Rayna is sent to the mysterious Roopkund Lake, high in the Himalayan Mountains. The three friends quickly realize Neptune has his own agenda, and they themselves are being used as pawns in a dangerous game against a crazed Cyclops.

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