What’s worse than being trapped in Hell? Being subpoenaed as a witness by the High Chancellor, that’s what. On trial in the Fifth Ring of Hell, Princess Naamah realizes the Imperial Inquisitor and his tribunal of demons intend to force an abdication, but only after using her to recover two magical rings which disappeared when her mother, Queen Agrat, was vanquished. The rings, known as Lucifer’s Tears, were fashioned from the tears of blood wept by the mighty angel during his Fall. If only one ring is worn, the bearer is bound to the Dark Lord. But when both rings are worn, it is the Lord of Darkness himself who is bound. Naamah’s attorney, a half-demon from California, along with the humans who defeated her mother, become her unlikely allies in preventing the greedy denizens of Hell from stealing her family’s throne. Further complications arise when the princess discovers the woman who now wears Lucifer’s Tears may be the only one capable of giving her what she desires most…a way out of Hell.

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