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When a 3,000-year-old demon tears through New York in search of the most powerful, magical books ever created, who’ll be there to stop it? A librarian, of course. 

Kira Davidson, along with her immortal Roman General boyfriend, team up with the other human Guardians charged with protecting the sacred texts. Within the cover of each book lies a broken piece of the original Ten Commandments. These stone fragments, carved by the voice of the God, contain the power of the sacred word itself−a power wielded by whomever possess the books. In the hands of a demon, that kind of power could wreak havoc upon humanity.


What’s worse than being trapped in Hell for eternity? Being subpoenaed as a witness by the Imperial Inquisitor, that’s what.

After the Queen of Hell is vanquished by a group of super-human Guardians, Princess Naamah realizes that the Imperial Inquisitor and his tribunal of demons are trying to force an abdication, but only after using her to recover two powerful rings which disappeared when her mother died. These rings, known as LUCIFER’S TEARS, were fashioned from the Tears of blood wept by the mighty angel during his Fall. In only one ring is worn, the bearer is bound to the Dark Lord, but when both rights are worn, it is the Lord of Darkness himself who is bound.


To complicate matters further, Princess Naamah discovers that Kira Davidson, the Guardian who possess Lucifer’s Tears, may be the only one capable of giving Naamah what she desires most . . . a way out of Hell.  


When the old gods abandoned the Mortal Realm, Neptune crossed through a portal and opened a bar in Hell. Neptune’s Poison is an instant success, becoming one of Hell’s premium night spots. Neptune, dressing like a Disco-era gigolo, spends most his days mixing drinks and exotic potions, while contemplating ways to recover his lost trident. Overhearing a conversation between three gorgeous but troubled patrons, he devises a in which everyone involved gets way more than they bargained for. 

Raven's Conspiracy 6x9 ebook FINAL.jpg

Cockroaches aren’t usually the best communicators, but when the proprietress of the Gardens of Gäap and Gomory is strip-searched, thrown in a dungeon and starved during a routine business trip, she learns from the fat-bodied insect that her former associates consider her a traitor and will likely execute her in the morning. 

Our heroine’s troubles don’t end there, either. In Gomory’s absence, well-meaning employees accidently destroy her office and records, release a witch who’d been held spellbound for thousands of years, and manage to lose seven magical medallions created by Merlin. Good thing the aging sorcerer himself decides to drop into her cell to rescue her...right?

Crawley's Curse 6x9 ebook FINAL.jpg

Whenever things go sideways, the citizens of Crawley are quick to blame it on the curse. Principal Mike Pojanski was the exception. He didn’t believe the death of Senator Crawley back in the 1800’s had any bearing on the rash of bizarre events at his school. So was it a coincidence that the student running around warning people the curse was real had to be taken away in an ambulance? And what was up with a Calculus student claiming he could steal his teacher’s soul if he wanted?Mike was handling it, even while juggling the investigation into Emma Pennington’s secret admirer. The culprit was breaking into the Homecoming Queen’s locker and leaving her beautiful 3D-printed flowers. Which meant he was also breaking into the computer lab and circumventing the school’s security system to do it!But there’s no such thing as curses. That’s what Mike kept telling himself, anyway.

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