The Guardian Series


Modern-day New York is the backdrop for superhuman Guardians set upon by a demon Queen intent on wielding the power of magical, sacred relics. Among our heroes is a former general of the Roman Empire, a fourteenth-century French art-thief, a retired KGB agent, a half-demon lawyer from California, and a librarian. Demons and angels join a mix of adventures fought and fraught with wit and swords, not to mention some stellar state-of-the-art technologies!

Crawley's Curse


Whenever things go sideways, the citizens of Crawley are quick to blame it on the curse. Principal Mike Pojanski was the exception. He didn’t believe the death of Senator Crawley back in the 1800’s had any bearing on the rash of bizarre events at his school. So was it a coincidence that the student running around warning people the curse was real had to be taken away in an ambulance? And what was up with a Calculus student claiming he could steal his teacher’s soul if he wanted?

Mike was handling it, even while juggling the investigation into Emma Pennington’s secret admirer. The culprit was breaking into the Homecoming Queen’s locker and leaving her beautiful 3D-printed flowers. Which meant he was also breaking into the computer lab and circumventing the school’s security system to do it!

But there’s no such thing as curses. That’s what Mike kept telling himself, anyway.